Introducing the Kentucky Angus burger with crispy bacon, Original Recipe chicken fillet and 

a 100% Angus beef patty coated in the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices. 

 It’s a #meatcake! 

What is Angus Beef?

Is KFC's Angus Beef from New Zealand?

Yep! And our chicken is always fresh, never frozen, and delivered to stores 6 days a week - so our chicken is fresher than the Colonel's suit when it reaches you.

Even with beef on the menu for a limited time, it's being cooked in a separate cooker so your classic menu items won't come into contact with it during the cooking process. All tongs are sanitised between burgers too, and seperate gloves and surface covers will be used, so even these won't touch the beef.

Sure is! The beef patty in our new Kentucky Angus burger is 100% Angus Beef from NZ - no compromises. The Angus Beef patty is then seasoned with salt and pepper and coated in the Colonel’s Original Recipe 👍

How is KFC's Angus Beef cooked?

Are KFC burgers made to order?

Angus Beef is a grass-fed breed of cattle with no growth hormones used, ever. You're only getting the best with the Kentucky Angus.

Kentucky Angus is now available in store, head in with your coupon to grab free chips while you're at it.

Grab a Kentucky Angus, we'll shout you reg chips.